Monday, March 15, 2010

Pretty as a Paper Pinwheel

I LOVE these super-cute-as-can-be paper pinwheels from TwirlieWhirlies on Etsy.   We ordered a bunch of these to put in vintage sand buckets at last month's beach boardwalk themed Bat Mitzvah.  But, they come is so many fantastic sizes, colors and patterns, they would be super cute for escort cards, favors, drink stirrers,  centerpieces, or even to mark the edges of the aisle at an outdoor wedding.  Fun, Fun!!

Welcome to Petals and Ponderings

Hello Friends--
We are happy to welcome you to Petals and Ponderings-- the blog site of Dragonfly Event.  

I must say-- it's about time! For months, we have delving into other blogs, finding ones we love, and marvelling at the clever ideas we see and the even more clever ways they are presented. That's not to say that at least once a day, we don't see something and think "Gosh, we've done that", or "We could do that even better!"  But getting two old (ok, maybe not sooo old) dogs to perform some new computer tricks can sometimes be hard, so this blog has been slow in coming!

What Thom and I love most about this blogging thing is how inspired we become by the creativity and craftiness on these sites.  We love this whole platform that allows us the ability to share tips, techniques, and sources, while broadening our reach to the people who want to tap into our design skills for their events.

Plus, with everyone on the computer, cell phones, or their personal electronic appendage of choice nonstop, we find that our clients come to us much more informed about the world of event and flower design. We want to continue to be a source of that information!

In Petals and Ponderings, we will share some of our favorite events with you and introduce you to the wonderful people and companies we have the pleasure of working with.

We hope that you find this blog truly informative and that it gives you good food for thought, inspirational and clever ideas, tips for stress free and fun decor planning, and an inside look into our quirky and crazy life inside the world of events.